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All Mount Zero Olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional Greek method of fermentation in water, salt and a splash of vinegar. This is a time consuming process, however it ensures a greater depth of flavour and natural colour.

Pulses & Grains

Our large range of top quality pulses and grains are grown and sourced from the fertile regions of the Wimmera and Tasmania. The range includes popular superfood Quinoa, our very own Bio-dynamic Soup Mix and Organic Chickpeas.

Olive Oils & Dressings

Our range of Australian grown extra virgin olive oil is blended for balance, flavour and freshness.

Pink Lake Salt

Pure, unadulterated salt. Wild harvested in a collaboration of respect.

Citrus Pressed Oils (Agrumato Style)

Agrumato is the traditional Italian method of pressing citrus fruits with olives to create an delectable zesty olive olive oil.


Our condiment range is all about quality, ready-to-eat foods with real flavour and real ingredients.

Gift Ideas & Cook Books

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Snacks

Jam, Spreads & Honey

Bio-dynamic Skin Care

The Girl and the Olive skincare formula utilises natural ingredients free of all artificial chemicals and is the first and only certified Demeter Biodynamic skincare in Australia. Our unique Biodynamic and organic skincare is made from the olive oil and essential oils grown on our Mount Zero olive grove, the first Demeter Biodynamic accredited olive grove in Australia. By choosing the Girl and the Olive products you are making the best choice for your health and are sharing our passion and commitment to care for our planet.

The Produce of our Friends

We thought it was time to feature some produce from our suppliers, customers and fellow sustainable farmers - to offer you a wide range of quality produce that we can deliver direct to your door.

Tea, Coffee & Drinks

Pasta & Pasta Sauces


Biscuits, Chocolate & Sweets