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Olive Oils Gold Medal Winner! Early Harvest Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2023 press

500ml bottle $25

*Sold out!

We regret to announce that our 2023 Early Harvest Picual EVOO is now sold out! Stay tuned for the next release in April/May 2024.

This is the very first of our 2023 season olive oil, picked nearly a month early to maximise its flavour and nutritional content. Made from 100% Picual olives, it's characterised by wonderfully fruity flavours of tomato, fig and green herbs with a mild pepperiness.

This premium extra virgin olive oil is best enjoyed in its pure form, where its quality and flavour can shine! Think simple salad dressings, dipped with bread or drizzled over anything warm or hot that will result in an incredible aroma release.

Gold Medal Winner

We've always believed that our 2023 Early Harvest Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil was something truly special. We're overjoyed that olive oil judges the world over think so too!

Gold Medal, Australian International Olive Awards

The Australian International Olive Awards (AIOA) is one of the most comprehensive olive oil and table olive competitions in the world. Its aim is to professionally judge extra virgin olive oil, flavoured olive oils and table olives from around the globe, uncover those with the highest quality and flavour and then award them medals and trophies in recognition of excellence.

Our Early Harvest Picual EVOO was a hit with the judges at the 2023 awards, with them awarding us a Gold Medal! Here's what the judges had to say about it:

"Complex fresh green, herbaceous aroma with floral notes, ripe apple, cut grass and rocket. Good transfer to the mouth with more complex olive fruit, rocket, floral and sweet notes. Very pleasant, buttery mouth feel. Well-balanced bitterness and pungency. Very good lingering finish. Complex and multidimensional."

Grand Prestige Gold Medal, Terraolivo International Olive Oil Competition

Based in the heart of the Mediterranean, Terraolivo is a renowned platform where the finest olive oils from across the globe are evaluated and honoured. Competing alongside established producers hailing from traditional olive-cultivating countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, our Early Harvest Picual EVOO clinched the prestigious Grand Prestige Gold medal. It's just further proof that Australia's olive oil industry is right up there with the best!

Chemistry / Nutrition: 

  • Total Biophenols; 203 parts per million. Biophenols are the antioxidants that give extra virgin olive oil its great flavour (pepperiness & bitterness) and incredible health properties. Typical oils range between 120 ppm and 350 pmm.
  • Free Fatty Acid (FFA); 0.19%. To be considered extra virgin olive oil the oil must have a free acidity, expressed as free oleic acid, of no more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams and no sensory defects. In a sense, the FFA level indicates the fruit’s condition at the time the oil was extracted. It's essentially a freshness quotient.

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