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Pulses & Grains Persian Red Lentils

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Small and spherical in shape, our Persian red Lentils are different to split red lentils as they maintain their shape when cooked and have a slightly nutty flavour. Similar to the lentils grown in Castelluccio in Umbria, Italy, they are fantastic for salads and soups as well as Middle Eastern/Moroccan-style dishes. 

Persian red lentils are a great companion to cumin, lamb, paprika and mint. With their high protein and fibre content, they are not only delicious but also a wholesome addition to any balanced diet.

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Pulses & Grains

Our large range of top quality pulses and grains are grown and sourced from the fertile regions of the Wimmera and Tasmania. The range includes popular superfood Quinoa, our very own Bio-dynamic Soup Mix and Organic Chickpeas.
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