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Olives Australian Mixed Olives

300g $9.50
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PLEASE NOTE: Mixed Olives 300g will be unavailable until mid-January, 2022 due to a delay with packaging. We apologise for any inconvenience.  

A mix of all of our Australian grown olives including Blonde Kalamata, Manzanilla, Black Kalamata and Arbequina. The variation in size, shape, colour and flavour within this mix presents beautifully and offers something for everyone. Fantastic table eating option and also for marinating & presenting with cornichons & caper berries.


All Mount Zero Olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional Greek method of fermentation in water, salt and a splash of vinegar. This is a time consuming process, however it ensures a greater depth of flavour and natural colour.
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