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At Mount Zero, we believe there's an olive variety for every occasion and palate. Our olive range covers varieties with origins across the traditional Mediterranean olive-growing nations - Greece, Italy and Spain. However, 100% of our olives are grown right here in Australia!

The Olives

Kalamata - Mount Zero Organic Kalamata's are medium/large in size. They are firm in flesh, with a rich olive flavour. Kalamata olives are the classic table olive variety and are also fantastic in salads. Brine curing ensures the characteristic fruitiness of the Kalamata is preserved.

Wild - When much of Western Victoria and parts of South Australia were planted 50 to 100 years ago, it was largely with grafted trees. Over time, as some groves have been allowed to go “wild” and trees have self-sown, the original rootstock has grown through producing an olive like no other - small teardrop shaped fruit, with a subtle rosewater flavour!

Mixed - A mix of the best seasonal olives at Mount Zero. Always containing Kalamata, this mix may also contain Blonde Kalamata, Arbequina, Manzanilla, Wild and Ligurian olives (depending on availability). The variation in size, shape, colour and flavour within this mix presents beautifully and offers something for everyone.

Manzanilla - Our Manzanilla olives are grown in Kialla, in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. The name ‘Manzanilla,’ meaning "small apple" in Spanish, perfectly describes the round shape of this variety. These extremely fleshy olives have a relatively small pip, making them an ideal table olive. However, they are also simple to pit and add to pizzas, pasta, and salads. Originally hailing from the Seville area of Southern Spain, Manzanilla olives also have a long history in Spanish culture and are used in a variety of Andalusian dishes, including the famous tapa Gazpacho.

Blonde Kalamata - Our Blonde Kalamatas are grown in the sunny, semi-arid Mildura region of Victoria. As the name would suggest, Blonde Kalamata olives originate from Kalamata in Greece. They are, however, a distinctly different variety from regular Kalamata olives and are one of the largest olives available. Due to their size, they take longer to cure than most other olives and over this time naturally change colour from burgundy (when picked) to blonde. Blonde Kalamata olives are strong in flavour and texture and are a favourite among restaurateurs due to their impressive size and ease of pitting.

Arbequina - Originally a Spanish variety, Arbequina olives seem particularly well suited to Australian growing conditions. Well known for their lovely buttery flavour, Arbequinas have a crisp texture and slightly peppery finish. A fantastic table olive and great garnish to salads and platters.

Gordal - Hailing from the Grampians, the name 'Gordal' comes from the Spanish word for "fat one," which perfectly describes the large, plump size of these olives. With their firm bite and distinct bitterness, Gordal Olives are a standout table olive and pair perfectly with summer white wines, sparkling wines, or a classic martini. Gordal olives are rooted in Spanish culinary heritage and have been enjoyed for centuries in Spanish cuisine.

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