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Olive Pouches

For when you're pressed for time, but not for quality.

With four unique flavours to choose from, our convenient olive pouches are perfect for on-the-go snacking, picnics in the park or for a quick, fuss-free addition to a grazing platter when you have last-minute guests.

Bright, easy to stash in a backpack or tote bag and deliciously simple, these packs carry a BIG flavour punch. We kick things off with a generous single serve of Australia's finest naturally fermented olives.

If marinated olives are your preferred style, our Lemon & Thyme and Rosemary & Pepperberry Olive Pouches are drained from their brine and given a bold flavour treatment along with our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Our Green Olives in Brine pouches are perfect for keeping in the fridge for when the clock strikes aperitivo hour. These deliciously plump olives come pre-packaged in their natural brine, so if you like your martinis dirty, these pouches are your best friend.

Last (but certainly not least), our Salt Cured Kalamata olive pouches are the perfect treat for diehard table olive fans. These kalamata olives have been cured in rock salt straight after picking, leaving the olives with an intense "umami-ness" and pure concentrated Kalamata flavour.  After curing, we then lightly marinate the olives in a mixture of fennel seeds and our Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

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