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About Mount Zero

The Mount Zero Olives story began in 1993, when Neil and Jane Seymour bought part of an old olive grove at the base of Mount Zero, which was originally planted in 1946. Fast forward to now, and Mount Zero Olives is now proudly run by Neil and Jane’s son, Richard. His commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and quality ingredients continues to define Mount Zero and all that we do.

What we harvest and gather is of huge importance to us but how we harvest is even more important. Ethical and sustainable produce is a current buzzword in the world of food, but we've built a brand over the past 30 years based on respect to the environment, to our stockists and their customers and to the people of our region.

With our heritage as biodynamic farmers, we are passionate about sustainability, however, we know that this does not end at the farm fence.  We are focused on sustainable packaging, reducing and eliminating our carbon footprint and providing the healthiest and most delicious food for you and your customers.

Working with us

For decades, we've been working with some of the best restaurants and grocers across Australia to help supply them with the highest quality produce for their customers. 

Mount Zero's products can be found in commercial kitchens of some of the most acclaimed restaurants across Australia. The list is as long as it is accomplished - MoVidail Solito PostoHotel LincolnStokehouseGrossi FlorentinoAtticaDomaine ChandonInnocent Bystander and Brae all use our products!

We take every opportunity to reduce packaging waste through our supply line. In addition to our stainless steel tank swap and go system that we run with many restaurants for extra virgin olive oil replenishments, we'll gladly accept returns for our 10kg olive buckets so we can sanitise them and put them back into circulation. If you have any other creative ideas for collaborating to reduce packaging waste when we deliver to you, we'd love to hear from you!

For more information about our efforts to reduce waste, click here.

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