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Skin Care Biodynamic Hand and Body Wash 200ml and Hand Sanitiser 30ml

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Girl & The Olive's Castille Liquid Soap is gentle on your skin and the environment because it is free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, petrochemicals and antibacterial agents. It's made from our Biodynamic olive oil and perfumed with our farm grown essential oil. Use as a face and a body wash. It leaves your skin cleansed and refreshed.

Girl & the Olive's new Hand Sanitiser with Olive Leaf Extract is in a handy 30ml glass bottle, perfect for on-the-go. The spray mister efficiently and thoroughly sanitises hands, mobile devices and surfaces, while the glass bottle is travel safe, durable and refillable.

With 64.8% ethanol by volume, our formula is highly effective in protecting against viruses and 99.9% of bacteria.

Olive leaf extract is effective because of the natural broad-spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties of tea tree and lavender oils. Lavender oil in particular has been shown to be effective against a range of anti-biotic-resistant strains of harmful bacteria. Our sanitiser is good for you as well as for our environment. 

Spray or squeeze on hands and air dry.

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