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The Produce of our Friends Nonna Knows Best - By Jaclyn Crupi

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We know Jaclyn Crupi as one of our longest and most loyal customers.  You might know her from The Hill of Content Bookshop or her many kids books.  We were delighted when Jaclyn chose to write about the wisdom of her Nonna - especially when it comes to olive oil...

Jaclyn's latest book celebrates the passion, generosity of spirit and good old- fashioned wisdom of nonnas and shares the secrets that make them so special, including mouth-watering recipes from la cucina della nonna (nonna’s kitchen) and the many and varied uses for olive oil, inside and out!  

We loved it so much we just had to share it!  You'll see why when you read the chapter on olive oil, which can be  previewed here.

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The Produce of our Friends

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