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Skin Care Icy Creek Soap Bar Lemongrass

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Hand-made in small batches using only quality ingredients from local producers who respect the earth and the people involved in their production,  passionate about making beautiful soap that is gentle on your skin, and with as little an impact on the environment as possible.

The lemongrass soap is perfect for all-over, everyday use - use on your hands, body and face. A gentle and silky soap that is also moisturising - thanks to being a real soap that has all its natural glycerine intact!

Keep it as dry as possible inbetween uses and each bar will keep you clean, moisturised and smelling lovely for a long time!

Ingredients: Mount Zero Olives extra virgin olive oil, Niulife certified organic coconut oil, distilled water, lye, lemongrass essential oil, cedarwood essential oil.

Each bar weighs approximately 100g when packed (there may be slight variations from bar to bar as they are all handmade and hand cut).

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