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Pulses & Grains Biodynamic Cracked Farro

500g (biodynamic) $6.85
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Certified Biodynamic

The wheel of change has not affected one of the first and finest grains grown by our early farmers more than 2000 years ago. Farro was a staple in the diets of ancient civilizations in the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent, prized for its resilience and ability to sustain communities. It vanished from modern agriculture, however, because of its protective husk that required more complex dehulling and milling machinery to process it. 

Farro is high in fibre, B Vitamins, protein and zinc. It also has a softer gluten structure that is more gentle to the digestive system than wheat. Farro has a delicious nutty flavour with a chewy texture and can be substituted for rice, lentils and couscous in soups, salads and more. 

 Our cracked farro is passed through a stone grind to crack the bran, making it much quicker to cook.

*Allergy information: Contains gluten.

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