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The Produce of our Friends Kennedy Farm Popcorn on the Cob

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Kennedy Farm Produce is a 100% Australian-owned family farming business in Corop, VIC. Kennedy Farm Produce popcorn on the cob are sun-dried, hand-picked, and packaged ready to pop in the microwave. Step-by-step instructions are listed on the swing tag and a reusable popping bag is included.

Once the kernels are popped, try drizzling with a lit bit of Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a healthy sprinkle of Pink Lake Salt. Delicious and healthy! Trust us, kids (of all ages) love watching this transform into popcorn!!

Check out a video on how the to pop the Popcorn on the Cob here: and read more about the Kennedy family and their farm here:

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The Produce of our Friends

We thought it was time to feature some produce from our suppliers, customers and fellow sustainable farmers - to offer you a wide range of quality produce that we can deliver direct to your door.
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