Our Packaging

Our aim at Mount Zero is to apply the same principles of sustainability to our packaging and distribution that we use in our farming practices. In essence this means reducing the use of synthetic petrochemical based products and applying a biological solution.

Home Compostable Film 

As of March 2020 we have begun packaging our pulses and grains in a fully home compostable bag made entirely from plant based material.  This means that you can simply place the bag in your home compost bin or worm farm along with your other compostable waste and the bag will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The bag is made from sustainably sourced plant materials, reducing the reliance on petrochemicals and the decomposed material will be non-toxic to the environment or soil organisms like earthworms – packaging that can be returned back to nature after use!

  • Australian  Home Compostable Accreditation (AS5810) confirms that the packaging will breakdown in composting conditions, and will be non-toxic to the environment.
  • Film is made from Natureflex which is cellulose, made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.