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Pulses & Grains Biodynamic Rye

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Certified Biodynamic

Our rye grain is grown in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria, and is certified biodynamic by the Demeter Biodynamic Research Institute. Rye was one of the first cereals cultivated by early civilizations and is still revered for its resilience and adaptability to diverse climates. 

 Rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, rye is known for its nourishing spicy and nutty flavour. From milling it to make hearty breads and baked goods to using it whole in porridge and grain bowls, rye brings a unique depth of taste and nutrition to your table.

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Pulses & Grains

Our large range of top quality pulses and grains are grown and sourced from the fertile regions of the Wimmera and Tasmania. The range includes popular superfood Quinoa, our very own Bio-dynamic Soup Mix and Organic Chickpeas.
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