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Cook Books Pasta Love by Jaclyn Crupi

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Jaclyn is one of our most loyal customers and the feeling is mutual! We have long been fans of her amazing passion for cooking and storytelling including "Nonna Knows Best" and "Garden like a Nonno" We love that we get to celebrate her newest book 'Pasta Love' - you need this in your homes and we have also put together a PASTA LOVE PACK gift hamper based on her recipes and love for cooking and sharing. This is a new Mount Zero Favourite and perfect for gifting or indulging in for yourself. 

Here is what Jaclyn says about her latest labour of pasta love:

"Whenever I asked my nonna Paolina how her food tasted so good she would reply: ‘love’. She cooked with love. Of course the truth is she was highly skilled in the kitchen and taught many of her family members and friends how to cook. She enjoyed cooking and quietly revelled in the recognition she was given as one of the best cooks among a group of very talented cooks. And along with the love went the labour. Nonna worked hard in the kitchen and she passed her hard-won knowledge on. Hers was a home where many young women newly arrived in Australia from Italy would stay until they were married. She would teach them to cook; her way.

Making something for another person that takes time and skill is an act of love. There was so much love in the pasta Amalia and Onorina made. But there was also a yearning for home. A desire to continue traditions. Food, like people, retains the essence of its origins. Their pasta tasted like Nonna Paolina’s pasta – it tasted like home."

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