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Condiments Bippi Italian Style Chilli Mild 250g

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Imagine yourself around the dining table at Nonna’s with a beautiful plate of spaghetti and meatballs placed in front of you. Nothing could be better!

Until she passes you the ‘Mild’ Bippi. You place a few teaspoons on top and stir through generously. You take a spoonful and the combination of flavour and spice is takes you to place that could be heaven.

The best thing about it… it’s not just perfect with pasta. Due to it’s fresh flavour, you can literally put Bippi with anything you love to had spice to…

Spread in you panino, on pizza, with meat, fish, veggies, eggs, the list goes on!

Made with the freshest Australian grown chilli and using traditional Italian recipe passed down through the generations, this vegan friendly, gluten free condiment is like a kiss from Nonna.

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