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Agrumato-Style Oils Chilli Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We've been excitedly waiting for this moment...our Mount Zero Chilli Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is here! 

Unlike many chilli oils which use heat to aid the infusion process, our Chilli Pressed EVOO is made in the traditional Italian 'Agrumato' style, where whole chillies and olives are cold-pressed together. This results in an oil with a beautiful burnished orange hue, along with fresh and crunchy capsicum-like flavours as well as a warming heat that builds slowly. It pairs wonderfully with pasta, grilled seafood, dressings, pizzas and just about anything else!

Our Premium Promise All Mount Zero Olive Oil is cold-pressed (room temperature) just hours after harvest to maintain premium quality. Similarly, our 100% Australian olive oils come from the first pressing of the olives which is what the term 'extra virgin' refers to.

Chemistry / Nutrition: 

  • Total Biophenols; 215 parts per million. Biophenols are the antioxidants that give extra virgin olive oil its great flavour (pepperiness & bitterness) and incredible health properties. Typical oils range between 120 ppm and 350 pmm.
  • Free Fatty Acid (FFA); 0.28%. To be considered extra virgin olive oil the oil must have a free acidity, expressed as free oleic acid, of no more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams and no sensory defects. In a sense, the FFA level indicates the fruit’s condition at the time the oil was extracted. It's essentially a freshness quotient.

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Agrumato-Style Oils

Agrumato is the traditional Italian method of pressing citrus fruits with olives to create an delectable zesty olive olive oil.
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