Mount zero dirty martini

Ashly Hicks - The Garden State Hotel, Serves 1


House Dirty Martini

60ml West Winds Cutlass Gin
30ml House Dirty mix (see below)
Stir, serve in a chilled martini glass garnish with 3 Green Hardy Mammoth olives

House Dirty Mix Recipe

75ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth 
250ml Olive Brine 
200ml Pickle Brine 
40ml Cocktail onion brine


'Our bar manager Kev and I work really closely on matching food and cocktails and this was one of the first drinks he made me just before we opened. I was blown away by how delicious it was and especially after Kev described how simple the recipe was. A good martini needs a big, green olive so we use the Hardy Mammoth olives from Mount Zero. This is Kevs recipe, so please credit him when you're enjoying the best martini you've ever tasted! (the dirty recipe is for a larger mix but holds really well)' - Ashly Hicks

Image by James Williams
Mount Zero Olive brine, pickle brine and cocktail onion brine combine to create the dirtiest of dirty martinis.