Mount Zero Grain Salad with barberries

Luke Florence and Bryce Edwards of Transformer Fitzroy, Serves 4


50g Freekeh
50g Farro
50g Quinoa
100g Black Lentils
75-100mls vegetable stock
25g cultured butter
10g barberries
1 tbsp chopped fine herbs (parsley, chives, chervil, etc)
1 tsp hemp seeds
Salt and pepper


Bring freekeh to the boil salted water and turn down to simmer until cooked,around 10-15mins drain and cool.

Cook Farro as per Freekah allowing around an extra 10 mins cooking time.

To cook lentils bring lentils to just under a simmer in a lot of unsalted water, do not allow to boil. Cook until slightly soft but still a little firm. Season with salt water in the last 3-5mins of cooking. Cook for around 20-30mins. Drain and cool.

To cook black quinoa rinse quinoa under water and allow to drain well.

Dry toast quinoa in pot then add water and salt. At around a ratio of 1 part quinoa to 1.3 parts water. Cover and cook until water is absorbed, fluff with a fork and cool.

To finish dish combine all grains with vegetable stock and butter an cheat until stock is reduced and grains are glazed with butter. Remove from heat and add chopped herbs and barberries. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Plate grains and top with hemp seeds and a few more fresh herbs

Serves 4 as a side - 2 as a main

Transformer head chefs Luke Florence and Bryce Edwards complete their month as Mount Zero Heroes with a nutritious, middle eastern influenced grain salad.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range