Chickpea and Cauliflower Fritters

Richenda Pritchard, Serves 2


1 cup Mount Zero Falafel mix
250g Cauliflower (include stem)
A handful of chopped coriander, mint & parsley
1 tsp Cumin
Juice of 1 lemon


Put cauliflower into salted water and boil until soft (but still holding together). Puree with herbs, lemon juice and cumin. Add salt taste.
Cover the Falafel mix with water, mix in and let stand for 15 mins. It will become quite firm. Add the cauliflower to the falafel and mix together to form a paste Half fill a frypan of oil and heat until 160 degrees (or so). Test a small amount of the mix by dropping it into the oil; if tiny bubbles appear around the edges and it starts to sizzle, the oil is hot enough. If the oil is too cold, the mix will sink and absorb the oil; too hot, and it will burn on the outside but be uncooked in the middle.
Add spoonfuls of the mix gently into the oil, turning occasionally. Cook for 2-3 mins, then drain on absorbent paper.
Serve with warm salad and cumin yogurt.

Richenda from Miss Pritchard's Pantry gives our Falafel Mix some zing with these simple additions.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range