Char-grilled oyster mushroom, smoked shallot, confit garlic and pine nut puree

Luke Florence and Bryce Edwards - Transformer Fitzroy, Serves 2


2 Heads garlic
75g pine nuts
3 king oyster mushrooms
2 large shallots
25g Pink Lake salt
25g porcini powder
100ml grapeseed or other neutral flavoured vegetable oil
50 ml Mt Zero lemon pressed olive oil
Micro chives

Smoking chips as required


Confit garlic and pine nut puree

Combine olive and vegetable oil and heat to 90 degrees. Place peeled garlic cloves into oil and cook at very low temperature until soft and sweet, this should take around 2 hours, stir occasionally. Meanwhile lightly toast pine nuts in the oven at 160 degrees until golden brown, around 6-8 mins.

Remove garlic from oil and combine with pine nuts and blend to fine puree, season with salt and pepper. Reserve confit garlic oil for use in dressings or for finishing pasta. Allow to cool and put into squeeze bottle for presentation.

Smoked shallots

Peel shallots, cut in half and gently steam until just soft but still with a bit of firmness.

Place on wire rack above deep cooking tray containing smoking chips.

Cover tray with foil and place over flame on cook top until it starts to smoke, keep over heat for a further minute and then turn off and allow smoke to infuse into the shallots. Once sufficiently infused remove shallots and cook shallots cut side down in very hot pan until drake brown or a little black.

King oyster Mushrooms

Cut mushrooms in half lengthways and brush with oil. Grill on hot griddle or Barbeque for around 6-8 minutes turning after 3-4. Add a little moisture by spraying with a little water from time to time. Combine salt and porcini powder. Remove mushrooms from grill and season with porcini salt.

Arrange mushrooms and plate with smoked shallots and dots of confit garlic and pine nut puree. Garnish with micro chives and drizzle some lemon pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Impress the dinner guests with Transformer Fitzroy's chargrilled oyster mushroom entree. Follow up with the Transformer gnocchi dish posted last week and watch jaws drop!

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range