Smoked salmon, fried capers and lemon oil with fresh fettuccine

Stephane Meyer, Etto Pasta, Serves 4


300g of smoked salmon cut in strips

1 Tbs of capers, drained and pat-dried

1 tsp of chopped fresh dill

4 Tbs of

Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbs of crème fraiche

Pinch of Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt

Pinch of Cracked Pepper

1 handful of fresh rocket

500g of fresh fettuccine


1. Mix the smoked salmon, half the lemon oil and the chopped dill. Let it marinate for 30min

2. Fry the drained capers in 1 tbs of lemon oil for 5 minutes until the capers open up. Drain and set aside

3. Cook the fresh fettucine for 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water.

4. Add the crème fraiche, season with Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt and cracked pepper, add the rocket and marinated salmon and fried capers to the hot drained pasta.

5. Mix and serve immediately. Finish with a good drizzle of Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Simple yet impressive, this creamy lemon pasta is one you won't want to stop twirling your fork around! A delicious addition to your dinner repertoire.