St Siandria's Tuna Crudo

Sam McCallum, St Siandria, Serves 4


Tuna Crudo

250g sashimi-grade tuna
80g Smoked Tuna Mayonnaise (see below)
40g Lebanese cucumber, finely diced
40g piquillo pepper, finely diced
20g chives, finely diced
15g fried shallots 
30-40g Ologasti Anchovy Dressing (see below)
Flaky black sea salt, to garnish

Smoked Tuna Mayonnaise

100g confit garlic 
45g Dijon mustard 
50g chardonnay vinegar 
90g egg yolk 
50g lemon juice 
160g smoked tuna 
500ml Mount Zero Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
500ml garlic oil (use the same oil used to confit the garlic)

Olasagasti Anchovy Sauce

150g smoked garlic 
250g Mount Zero Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
250g Mount Zero Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
250g Olasagasti anchovies


Smoked Tuna Mayonnaise

Combine all ingredients except the oils and blend together.

Slowly add oils to emulsify.

Olasagasti Anchovy Sauce

Trim garlic and combine with oil in a saucepan. Slowly confit the garlic until softened.

Add anchovies and cook until they break down in the oil, then mash garlic and anchovies together to form a sauce.

Cool down and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

Tuna Crudo

Slice the tuna portion into four even pieces. 

Place each slice between two sheets of baking paper and use a rolling pin to press/spread the tuna into a thin sheet. Almost translucent.

Add the smoked tuna mayonnaise to a small squeeze bottle and place an even amount of ‘blobs’ on the base of each plate.

Lay one piece of tuna on each plate on top of the mayonnaise.

Add the anchovy dressing into a small squeeze bottle. Shake well and dress each piece of tuna evenly. 

Spoon the cucumber, piquillo peppers and chives evenly over each piece of tuna.

Garnish each plate with the fried shallots and a light sprinkle of black salt. 

St Siandria
"Our tuna crudo is a popular dish and a beautiful way to highlight Mount Zero's EVOOs," says Sam McCallum of Sydney's St Siandria. "We get the best available tuna, slice it thin and then make a Frantoio and smoked garlic oil with good anchovies."

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range