Confit Duck Salad

Thanks to Nicky Riemer of Union Dining, Serves 8


8 confit duck legs – from a good delicatessen
2 heads red witlof with all leaves picked and washed and torn
2 large head of curly endive (outer leaves removed, inner leaves picked and washed for use)
1 bunch flat-leaf parsley – leaves picked and washed
1 cup toasted walnuts, roughly chopped
¼ cup diced mustard fruits
15 sprigs of thyme, roughly picked
½ bunch of chives, cut into batons
2 garlic cloves, finely diced
100ml Spanish sherry vinegar
300ml Mount Zero Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup Mount Zero French-Style Green Lentils
2 bay leaves
2 whole cloves of garlic
10 red shallots, finely diced


In a large bowl combine the diced garlic cloves, Spanish sherry vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil to make a dressing. Set aside.

Wash the lentils under cold water to ensure no dirt or stones, drain well and add to a pot. Cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Strain hot water off the lentils and transfer to a new clean pot. Cover with cold water by at least double and add the bay leaves and whole garlic and bring up to a simmer and cook until all the liquid is absorbed and the lentils are ‘just’ tender – should still hold their shape and have ‘bite’. Strain the cooked lentils and add half the dressing to the lentils whilst warm and the fine diced shallots. Set aside.

Whilst the lentils are cooking remove all the duck leg meat from the bone and place on a tray with some baking paper. Place in an oven at 180’C and cook until skin just starting to crispen up – should take about 10 minutes.

In a large bowl, combine the torn red witlof, curly endive, parsley, walnuts, mustard fruits, thyme and chives. Add the hot pieces of confit duck leg meat to the salad mix and dress with the remaining sherry vinaigrette. Mix gently but well.

Spoon the dressed lentils on to a plate and add the confit duck salad. Serve immediately.

Photo by Brent Parker-Jones. Styling by Leesa O’Reilly.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range