Rabbit and Green Lentil Terrine

Michael Smith from Innocent Bystander, Serves 6


1 rabbit, confit and picked (very careful- NO BONES)

Salt mix:

80gm Pink Lake salt                                                                                              5 cloves                                                                                                        1 garlic clove                                                                                                    1/6 bunch thyme                                                                                                5 black peppercorns                                                                                            1 bay leaf

Ingredients to confit:

500-600ml duck fat (to confit in)
1 bay leaf
2 cloves garlic
1/6 bunch thyme

To assemble :

250gm mushrooms, cooked and sliced
400gms cooked baby green lentils, cooked the same way as for the twice cooked duck dish
20gm chopped parsley
12 shallots, sow roasted till tender at 140°C and blackened and tender, remove outer layer and leave whole
150ml warm duck fat (from confit)
Salt and pepper to taste
White wine vinegar to taste
Kidneys, pan fried to pink
Livers, pan fried to pink

To wrap :

100gm San Danielle prosciutto, slice thin (to wrap after pressed)



To prepare rabbit - remove kidneys and livers, clean off excess fat and any sinuses from liver and set aside; remove front and back legs, bone out loins from barrel and break barrel so it will sit flat in the pot to confit. Retain the rabbit loins to place in centre of terrine.

Keeping the loin, kidneys and liver aside, rub salt mix onto the remaining rabbit and place in fridge for 30min then wash off and pat dry with paper towel. Place in appropriate size pot or tray and cover with warm duck fat and other confit ingredients, cover with foil and cook in oven at 130°C for 2.5 hr, then allow to cool slightly in fat.
While the rabbit is cooling down, seel the livers and kidney quickly in a pan (keep them pink), then the loin- I cut the loin in half and cook the little pieces separate from the big pieces, cook them to medium.
Pick through the confit meat very carefully so as to not get any bones in the terrine.

To assemble terrine:
While the rabbit and fat are still warm, place in a large bowl, to this add ingredients from the 'To assemble' section. Line a terrine mould with glade wrap and fill it half way up and place loins in centre then fill the remainder of the way. Wrap the glade wrap around and press lightly with a 2Lt bottle of milk or similar till firm, remove glade wrap and wrap with prosciutto.
This is ready to serve from the fridge, but I like to let it come to room temp for about 20 min and serve with an onion jam and char grilled sourdough.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range