MOUNT ZERO HERO | Scott Williams, Ragazzi Wine and Pasta

March 15, 2021

By Hilary McNevin

It was over ten years ago, when chef Scott Williams was starting his career with Frank Camorra at MoVida that he discovered Mount Zero products. His ongoing relationship with us means that it’s an honour to have him as our current Mount Zero Hero. 

“My whole introduction to cooking and to mediterranean flavours was through MoVida and Mount Zero,” says the co-owner of Sydney CBD venue, Ragazzi Wine and Pasta. “I’ve  always had a good relationship with Rich [our GM Richard Seymour] and learned so much.” 

Scott Williams
Scott Williams

As Scott’s career developed so did his love for what we do. He has since fallen for our grains, “those Beluga lentils are SUCH a good product,” says Scott, “we use them at Ragazzi and sell them in our retail shop, Fabbrica, as well.” 

He says he discovered our lentils, “a few years ago but I wish I’d discovered them a long time before!”

One of the recipes Scott has shared uses our Beluga lentils. “It’s a super simple salad and is a ripper of a side dish with any grilled meat or seafood, part of the line-up in a big long lunch, or a great, quick, light meal on its own!” he says. “Feel free to mix and match the herbs depending on what you have kicking around – watercress, coriander etc would be fantastic; just keep it all fresh."

Beluga Lentil Salad
Scott Williams' Beluga Lentil Salad. Click the image to view the recipe.

He also can’t get enough of our Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “It has such a great flavour,” he says, “I love using it to finish some of our pasta dishes and over Burrata as well as the Pasta e Ceci.” 

Pasta e Ceci is a wholesome Italian dish that combines chickpeas and pasta. It is also the other recipe that Scott has shared with us as Mount Zero Hero. 

"When I cook chickpeas I take inspiration from my years and years of Spanish training prior to moving to the pasta world. This means peppers, paprika and tomato!” he says. 

This recipe is vegetarian, but if you wanted to meat it up, it’s brilliant with any form of pork so feel free to add your own spin.

Scott finishes the pasta with the smoked oil, “It’s a wicked product that adds a whole extra dimension to the dish,” he says. 

. Click to view the recipe
Scott Williams' Conchiglie, Chickpeas and Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Click to view the recipe.

Things have been getting busier and better in Sydney CBD since the pandemic slowed everyone down in 2020. “We opened six months before the lockdown in March so to have that time to trade was good, it helped start to get our brand out  there, but it’s been pretty brutal  for a lot  of businesses,” he says. 

Geelong born-and-bred, Scott has family in Victoria and feels that we’re finally getting through the difficulties we’ve all faced during this unprecedented time. 

“I really hope we’re on the other side of this. I’d like to get home and visit my family, I haven’t been to Melbourne for over a year!”

You’re always welcome, Scott. 

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