Chocolate and Olive Oil Semifreddo

Marco Lori - Lupino


150 grams good quality chocolate

300ml thickened cream

100 grams Mount Zero Frantoio

200g sugar, make caramel

100g water

300g almonds – these will need to be toasted


Melt your chocolate and add your olive oil.

Whip your cream and then fold the cream into the chocolate mixture.

Put this into the freezer and let it semi-set – until it gets to 'ice cream scoop' constancy.

To make the caramel, place ingredients into pot, bring to boil, don’t stir, and when the sugar has dissolved and it is boiling evenly on the side, (the colour will change to an off-yellow colour) fold your almonds through and set aside to cool, roughly hand chop.

I pair this with a mandarin sorbet to cut through the chocolate, but anything that is citrus-flavoured would work well with this dessert.

I find using olive oil in a semifreddo dish offers a velvety texture and plays lovely games with your taste buds; the mandarin brings the dish back into balance.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range