Fried Brussels sprouts with truffled pecorino and mount zero lemon oil

Graham Jefferies, Tulip Restaurant, Serves 6


900g Brussels sprouts 

80g Truffled pecorino (shaved)

½ bunch Lemon thyme 

2 small or 1 big swede

Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Olive Oil

Unsalted butter as needed

Full cream organic milk as needed

Mustard leaf to garnish

Champagne white wine vinegar as needed

Beef fat for frying


1.      Prepare the Brussels sprouts by removing the stalk with a pairing knife

2.      Using a pairing knife make an x shaped cut into the bottom of the sprout to allow even cooking when blanched

3.      Blanch the sprouts in rapidly boiling, heavily salted water for about 2 minutes depending on the size. Just until they are partially cooked.

4.      Refresh in iced water.

5.      Cut the sprouts in half across from top to bottom.

6.      Dry the sprouts on kitchen towel.

7.      In the meantime peel, dice and boil the swede in lightly salted water until soft.

8.      Strain the swede and add a knob of butter to another pan.

9.      On a low heat, sweat the swede in the butter without getting any colour.

10.  Add a small amount of milk and bring to the simmer.

11.  In a food processor or thermomix, puree the swede, adding the milk and butter until the desired consistency

12.  Season the puree with salt and vinegar

13.  Bring the beef fat or lard to 170’c and deep fry the blanched Brussels sprouts until golden brown and crunchy.

14.  Remove from the fryer and drain on kitchen towel.

15.  In a mixing bowl, place the fried sprouts, picked lemon thyme, truffled pecorino and dress with lemon oil and salt.

16.  Serve on a bed of the swede puree and garnish with mustard leaf.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range