Matt Stone's Kimchi

Matt Stone - Oakridge Winery, Serves 10


1 Chinese cabbage (1600g – 1800g)

2 medium-sized carrots (250g)

10 spring onions                                                                                  

2 apples

4 cloves of garlic

1 thumb-sized piece of ginger (70g)

3 T fermented chili paste

30g Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt

5g sugar


Split the cabbage length ways. Cut off the base. Slice across about 1cm thick. Put into a bowl. Add the salt and sugar. Roughly bruise the cabbage. Leave to sit.

Cut the carrots into fine julienne or grate on a course box grater.  Add to the cabbage. Cut the spring onions in half, save the top half for drying and finely slice the bottom half, grate the apples on the box grater, peel and chop the garlic, finely cut the ginger and mix all into the cabbage.

Strain off all the extra liquid. Mix the chilly paste though the cabbage. Firmly push the cabbage mix into  a sterilized 2L jar. It should all just fit, if not add the extra to a small jar. There should be no pockets of air in the jar. Add the liquid to cover and a cut out cabbage leaf to hold the mix down. Leave out for 6-10 days till nicely fermented to your liking.

Store in the fridge. It will last for months. 

Image - James Williams
Fermented foods are not only delicious but great for us. Oakridge head chef Matt Stone gives us his famous Kimchi.