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The EVOO Lovers Hamper $70 Add to cart

Gift someone you love the freshest new season olive oil in town! 

This year's Frantoio olive oil was harvested in May 2020 and if you've tried it, you know how fresh it tastes. The 'bag in box' design protects our oil from its two greatest enemies--light and oxygen--keeping the oil fresher, for longer. 

'Agrumato' olive oil is the traditional method of pressing olives and citrus in unison to create a zesty, vibrant and full-flavoured oil for which the uses are endless! Pair with chilli and garlic to make a speedy mid-week pasta; toss through piping hot green beans and broccolini as a side dish; or use to bake a delicious, moist Citrus Olive Oil cake. 

This hamper pack contains:

  • Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L
  • Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 330ml
  • Organic Mixed Olives 300g
  • Pink Lake Salt Fine 200g