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Flour Spitfire Wholewheat Bread Flour

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Certified Organic

Note: This premium flour has a short best-before date of the 3rd of February, 2024, though it is perfectly usable after that date and can be kept in the fridge to extend its freshness period.

We're fortunate to have Organic Spitfire Wholewheat Bread Flour milled to order for our Mount Zero customers, which ensures that you receive the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious wholegrain flour possible. Spitfire is perfect for bread, pasta and pizza. It’s high in protein and savoury in flavour. It mills into a fine golden flour with an almost indistinguishable bran flake.

Ian & Courtney tips: 

  • "Our flour is best used fresh and has a six-week shelf life, particularly over summer. Pop it in the fridge for up to three months if you don't think you'll use it within 6 weeks".
  • "For best results, be sure to increase your hydration by around 10% when baking with this flour."

Ian and Courtney are the husband and wife team behind Woodstock Flour. The produce the most incredible wholegrain, stoneground flour from grain grown on their family's farm 'Woodstock' in Berrigan, NSW. Woodstock has been in Ian’s family for four generations and has been Certified Organic for 24 years. Read more about their regenerative and organic farming methods on their website.

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