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We are so excited to add this latest offering to our Friends of Mount Zero range. This product aligns with our goals of sustainability, nutrition and a darn good taste!  Southern Seagreens is the coming together of three friends with a shared love for the sea. By combining their skills, they realised they could work with the sun and sea and learn to farm native seaweed in Victorian coastal waters.

In their own words:

"Our primary aim is to grow the most sustainable food possible. With the planet on track to host near 10 billion humans by 2050, we need to find smarter and more sustainable ways to produce nutritious food and get it to market. Seaweed requires no soil, fresh water or fertilisers. It’s a zero input crop and it's packed with protein and important nutrients for human health. It also improves the marine eco-system as it grows.

The real opportunity we see is to work with creative individuals to explore ways to incorporate kelp into our everyday diet. There are some talented local chefs using kelp and other seaweeds in inspiring ways, and with ideal growing conditions here in Victoria, we think kelp might soon play an important role in our local food system.

Make friends with kelp. Good for you, me and the sea.

Also, it tastes great!! 

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