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Olive Oils & Dressings Rosemary Oil

330ml $17.95
2L $55

Mount Zero Rosemary Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings together the nostalgic fragrance of fresh rosemary from Glenelg River Herbs with our Frantoio olive oil. When pressed together, these two elements produce an intensely aromatic EVOO that is super versatile. An excellent choice with roast lamb, chicken or vegetables. Drizzle over burrata (checkout this recipe) or folded through mashed potatoes. Or, do as we do: pour a generous glug of Rosemary oil into a bowl, add a good pinch of our Pink Lake Salt and dunk with a slice of your favourite warm sourdough bread.

Olive Oils & Dressings

Our range of Australian grown extra virgin olive oil is blended for balance, flavour and freshness.
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