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The Produce of our Friends Pulse Raisers - Lightly Salted Chickpeas 100g

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Crunchy and slightly salty, these chickpeas are the perfect on-the-go snack! Enjoy as is, or sprinkle over your favourite salad for added texture and a healthy protein hit. 

The Wimmera Grain Store is part of a family group of businesses who grow, clean, pack and market their own and their neighbours chickpeas and lentils. Their family farm, "Overton" is located in the Wimmera Region, at Rupanyup about 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne. 

The Wimmera Region in North-Western Victoria is recognised as being one of Australia’s most diverse cropping regions and is where we source the majority of our Mount Zero pulses and grains range from. 

Traditionally an area known for its Wheat and Barley crops, in the 1980's the introduction of field peas into the cropping rotations heralded a new era for crop production in the region. Growers quickly realised the rotational benefits of pulses and also the capacity of Wimmera soils to grow high-yielding pulse crops. Soon field peas, chickpeas, lentils, faba beans, and broad beans were included in many farms cropping programs.

Read more about the history of the Wimmera Grain Store and the Rupanyup Silo artwork on their packaging here:

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The Produce of our Friends

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