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Artisan Australian Pasta Pangkarra Lasagna

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Pangkarra's Lasagne sheets are made with wholegrain flour and they're flat and wide in shape - a nourishing addition to your favourite home made lasagna recipe. Pangkarra make the only stone-milled pasta in Australia, it's nutty, grainy flavour is unlike any other wholemeal pasta or white pasta around, it's more similar to a traditional Southern Italian pasta in taste.

Artisan Australian Pasta

Translated from the Kaurna people, Pangkarra means sustainably passing the land from generation to generation. For five generations, the Maitland family has produced quality cereals and legumes, as well as export hay on this land. Today, under the Pangkarra Foods brand, they also produce whole grain dry pasta, Lavosh, Grissini and stone milled whole grain durum flour. Their products are made from 100% durum wheat grown on the farm using organic fertilisers. Every step of the process from wheat to pasta creation, takes place in South Australia.
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