Skin Care Organic Baby Care Essentials

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Certified Organic

An ideal pack for parents with newborn babies.  At nappy change it provides a barrier and corrects the acid on the skin - eliminating nappy rash.

Pack includes:

  • Girl & The Olive Calendula Moisturising Cream 50g
    Both Calendula and Olive Oil were considered by ancient Egyptians to have rejuvenating properties. Our Biodynamic Calendula Moisturising Cream is suitable for daily use as a moisturising cream for women and a moisturiser and massage oil for babies. The healing and nourishing properties will help protect skin against damaging environmental influences, leaving your and your baby’s skin healthy, soft and supple.

  • Girl & The Olive Biodynamic Olive Calcaire Baby 200ml
    The Girl and the Olive Biodynamic Baby Olive Calcaire Lotion has two ingredients: Biodynamic olive oil and limewater. This lotion moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin. It has excellent healing and soothing properties that help to prevent nappy rash. It is free from artificial chemicals, perfume and synthetic preservatives. Use for cleaning baby’s bottoms at nappy change time.