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Pulses & Grains Organic Australian Chickpeas

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Certified Organic

Mount Zero Australian Organic Chickpeas are the premium Kabuli variety (originating in Afghanistan), which are known for being larger in size and creamier in colour and texture.

Chickpeas are gluten-free and are considered a great source of zinc, folate and protein. As with almost any legume, chickpeas are much better cooked from dry seed rather than from a can, as they have a sweeter flavour and creamier texture. With their creamy texture and nutty flavour, Kabuli chickpeas are a great companion to fetta, mint, tomatoes, lamb or spiced with Middle Eastern flavours. Dry chickpeas need to be soaked for a minimum of six hours and take around 1-2 hours to cook.

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Our large range of top quality pulses and grains are grown and sourced from the fertile regions of the Wimmera and Tasmania. The range includes popular superfood Quinoa, our very own Bio-dynamic Soup Mix and Organic Chickpeas.
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