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Biscuits, Chocolate & Sweets Monsieur Truffe 65% Vegan Dark Chocolate Gingerbread

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Monsieur Truffe limited edition for the silly season: Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan and completely delicious!

Ingredient : 65% Dark Chocolate with Ginger, Orange and Nutmeg oil, Cranberries, Coconut  and Marshmallow


Monsieur Truffe are artisan chocolate producers based in Brunswick, Melbourne. Each Monsieur Truffe chocolate bar is carefully crafted from beans - sourced from all over the world - that have been roasted and conched perfectly to showcase their optimal tasting notes. If the incredible flavour profiles of Monsieur Truffe don't blow you away, the packaging will, as each and every bar is wrapped beautifully by hand - a personal touch that we love!