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The Produce of our Friends Mabu Mabu Wattleseed

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Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait owned and run business with an emphasis on using fresh, seasonal and native ingredients to create beautiful dishes that bring people together. Head chef and owner Nornie Bero, originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, draws on a passion for native ingredients and more than 20 years' experience as a professional chef to create her truly Australian flavours. Nornie's mission? To make Indigenous herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits part of everyone's kitchen pantry. We also love that Mabu Mabu products are made locally, with Nornie operating Yarraville's Mabu Mabu Tuckshop cafe.

Mabu Mabu Saltbush Ground Wattleseed adds a rich, earthy flavour to curries, dahl or mac'n'cheese. A fantastic addition to baking, especially shortbread cookies!

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The Produce of our Friends

We thought it was time to feature some produce from our suppliers, customers and fellow sustainable farmers - to offer you a wide range of quality produce that we can deliver direct to your door.
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