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Pasta & Pasta Sauces Little Wing Puttanesca

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A sauce that can be found in recipe books dating back to the 1800’s in Naples, although popularised in 1950’s Sicily. A flavoursome sauce, spiked with Mount Zero olives, capers, garlic and rosemary grown in our very own warehouse garden. To really drive these bold flavours, try adding great quality anchovies and finish with generous amounts of freshly chopped parsley.

Little Wing is a concept by James Kummrow, a head chef with over 15 years experience. Bringing quality of fine restaurants from around the world, to the homes of those who seek thoughtful products and bold flavours. Quality Always.

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 Ingredients: tomato purée, onion, capers, olives, garlic, olive oil, pink lake salt, sugar, parsley, rosemary