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The Produce of our Friends Little Wing Pickled Zucchini

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Does the humble zucchini ever cease to amaze, with its never ending culinary uses? Ripe zucchini are sliced along with red onion, and then given time to sweat out excess moisture, all thanks to a dose of Mount Zero natural pink lake salt. After the salt is removed, they take a bath in a flavoursome pickle bath of mustard spices & cider vinegar. Before removing the lid of these pickles; tip the jar upside down, to get the spices circulating for maximum deliciousness. These pair well with cured meats, cheese platters, sunny afternoons, and cold beers.

Little Wing is a concept by James Kummrow, a head chef with over 15 years experience. Bringing quality of fine restaurants from around the world, to the homes of those who seek thoughtful products and bold flavours. Quality Always.

Ingredients: zucchini, red onion, cider vinegar, white vinegar, pink lake salt, mustard seeds, mustard powder, celery seeds, turmeric

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