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The Produce of our Friends Laucke All Purpose Self Raising Flour 5kg

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Please note best before is 28/02/2021

Laucke Self-Raising Flour is a pure unbleached all-purpose flour of medium to low strength milled from specially selected premium Australian wheat grains and delicately sifted with baking powder to ensure light and tender baking results every time. Perfect whenever you need a lighter-than-air texture for biscuits, pikelets, muffins, cakes, sponges and steamed buns. Milled with care and pride, our flour is trusted by home bakers, chefs, bakeries and culinary schools for its consistency and performance.

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The Produce of our Friends

We thought it was time to feature some produce from our suppliers, customers and fellow sustainable farmers - to offer you a wide range of quality produce that we can deliver direct to your door.
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