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The Produce of our Friends have a go series, issue 2 - sourdough

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Have A Go Series, as the name suggests is a guide to giving a cooking technique a go.  Have a Go is a collaboration between chef Jo Barrett (Oakridge Winery) and photographer Jana Langhorst. Jo has been a long time supporter of Mount Zero and we are proud to be stocking and supporting her new creative project.

Issue 2 - Sourdough, covers the essential information you need to produce two tasty sourdough loaves. You’ll learn how to create your own starter culture and some simple baking terminology. 

"There is so much information in the world. Lots of terminology, unfamiliar equipment and never enough photos! It can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to artisanal cooking. And rightly so - these are crafts.  When starting out, however, simple information is best. Basic instructions that allow you to produce a product to be proud of and gives you a foundation upon which to expand.  That’s where we come in. A foot in the door.   Go on, have a go!"  
Jo Barrett

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