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The Produce of our Friends Green Grove Organic Licorice

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Certified Organic

Green Grove Organics Licorice & Chocolate Factory is located at the restored Junee Flour Mill in the rural township of Junee, New South Wales. The family-owned business has been producing organic licorice since 1998.

Licorice is a medicinal herb that dates back over 4000 years. Ancient clay tables describe as the “elixir of life” for its cure-all characteristics. The botanical name for licorice actually means sweet root and is the key to the remarkable taste and medicinal properties of licorice. In the root of the licorice plant is a substance called “glycyrrhizin” which is 50 times sweeter than cane sugar.

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The Produce of our Friends

We thought it was time to feature some produce from our suppliers, customers and fellow sustainable farmers - to offer you a wide range of quality produce that we can deliver direct to your door.
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