The Produce of our Friends Fresh Water Creek Garlic

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Certified Organic

Freshwater Creek Garlic is an award-winning certified organic garlic grower near Torquay, Victoria. Grown with passion and expertise their garlic has a wonderful, full robust flavour – perfect for all your culinary and growing needs. 

Now, Freshwater Creek Garlic is available freeze-dried! It's intense in garlic flavour, incredibly easy to use and is always handy in the pantry whenever you need it.

How do I use Freshwater Creek Garlic dried garlic?

This exceptional dried garlic is delightful to use, no peeling or chopping or rehydration required.

1 kg of fresh garlic is used to make just one bag of freeze-dried garlic! 1g replaces a whole clove so it’s very economical. Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way - just simply add to your dish to your taste.

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