The Produce of our Friends Danny Balboa's Electric Dynamite - Roasted Capsicum, Orange and Habanero.

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The good kind of shock. Giving off sparks with roasted capsicum, orange and habanero.

Didn’t your mamma tell you? Some things were made to go bang.

USE FOR: Ribs, Wings, Burgers, Pork Belly, Chicken, Mexican, Stir Fry, Beans and Eggs.

You’ll be using this hot boi all day!

INGREDIENTS: Capsicum (46%), Orange (9%), Onion, Habanero (7%),

Carrot, Balsamic Vinegar, Spices, Sugar, Garlic, Soy (Contains Soybean).



Size: 200ml     Heat: Medium Hot

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The Produce of our Friends

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