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Olives Blonde Kalamata Olives

2kg $35

Blonde Kalamata Olives originate from Kalamata in Greece. They are however a distinctly different variety to regular Kalamata olives and are one of the largest olives available. Due to their size they take longer to cure than most other olives and over this time naturally leech colour from burgundy (when picked) to blonde.

Blonde Kalamata olives are strong in flavour and texture and are a favourite among our restaurant customers. All of Mount Zero's olives are hand picked and preserved naturally in brine (salt & water).


Mount Zero Olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional Greek method of fermentation in water, salt and a splash of vinegar. This is a time consuming process, however it ensures a greater depth of flavour and natural colour.
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