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Bio-dynamic Skin Care Biodynamic Hand & Body Wash

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Certified Biodynamic

The Girl and the Olive Castille Liquid Soap is made from our Biodynamic olive oil and natural potassium hydroxide, and perfumed with our farm grown essential oil distilled from Grampians Thryptomene. Our Castille Liquid Soap is gentle on your skin and the environment because it is free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, petrochemicals and antibacterial agents.  It leaves the skin feeling silky, soft and nourished while it cleanses and moisturises. It is also biodegradable and very versatile.  

Use as a face and a body wash.

Bio-dynamic Skin Care

The Girl and the Olive skincare formula utilises natural ingredients free of all artificial chemicals and is the first and only certified Demeter Biodynamic skincare in Australia.
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