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Hampers BBQ Essential Hamper

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Add some heat and a bit of zest to your summer dishes with our BBQ Essentials Hamper. 

Our chilli salt includes three varieties of Australian chillies and natural salt crystals from the Pink Lake - It's tailor made for Australian prawns fried on the bbq. Keep your guests happy while the BBQ is sizzling with some starters - our Egyptian dukkah, black olive tapenade and mixed olives will do the trick.

Use our Pink Lake Salt with Grampians herbs for dry rubbing meats or seasoning veggies. Our lime pressed olive oil adds a fresh and zesty burst to marinades (think seafood) or summer salads. 

Whether you're frying, dressing or roasting this festive season, our BBQ Essentials Hamper will delight. 


  • Pink Lake Salt Grinder w/ Chilli
  • Pink Lake Salt Grinder w/ Grampians Herbs 
  • Lime Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 330ml
  • Mixed Olives
  • Black Olive Tapenade
  • Egyptian Dukkah