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Olive Oils & Dressings Arbequina - Single Variety 2016 EVOO

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Single varietal olive oil allows the particular cultivar to really shine, the arbequina olive variety is a of Spanish origin and is renowned for packing a big palate despite its diminutive size. The 2016 harvest has delivered a mild and fruity oil, we found banana & passionfruit notes with low bitterness and pungency.

2L & 15L Bag in Box - Fresh to the last drop!
Freshness is the key to quality olive oil and with that in mind we have developed the perfect packaging for our larger volume EVOO products. The 'bag in box' protects our oil from its two greatest enemies - light and oxygen, keeping the oil fresher, for longer. 

Olive Oils & Dressings

Our range of Australian grown extra virgin olive oils are blended for balance, flavour and freshness.
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